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Dear friends,

My warmest welcome to all of you.
After ten years being away from musical activities, I have now returned to contribute my poems and songs with the hope that it could in some ways bring you joy, soothe your soul and take you away from the worries, the vexations and all the hustle and bustle of daily life.
My sincere thanks to those who come and share with us our melancholy, our grief and sadness as well as our happiness, pleasure and joyfulness… that conveyed by the language of music; also by which, our pain would be healed, our grief would be relieved... Musical language deepens our feelings, expresses the inexpressible, speaks the unspeakable, releases the suppressed feelings, opens up the closure of sentiments and emotions.
As I have said in my song " Hat Cho Doi Them Han Hoan " (Singing For Joyous Life): " Despite the vicissitudes of life , the impermanence in people’s heart, I still keep on singing, to gladden and cheer up our lives, and I will keep my promise."
May my songs echo and emerge in a sacred, mystical world of miraculous sound.
Some of us view music as a source of joy and entertainment but have we yet fully grasped the deep sense hidden beneath this surface meaning ? Have we fully grasped the power of Music and its appeal ? What’s in it for us ? Should it be a passionate love for life, a subtle sweet calling that unites us all together in the sea of Human Love ? This subtle sweet calling is the sound of music, the raindrops that are gently dripping down... Spread out your hands, open your hearts to receive them... This is the gift of life.

Blessings and best wishes,

Lê Khắc Thanh Hoài

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